Rental Terms

We accept cottage rental bookings on the following terms,  subject to availability:

From May to October, we will accept minimum one-week bookings. We do not accept weekend-only bookings.

From November through April rental periods are per month.

Weekly rental periods are from Saturday to Saturday.  Check in time and meet-and-greet is at 3:00PM on the Saturday your rental begins. Your must leave the cottage by 11:00 am the Saturday morning of your departure.

CLICK HERE to see our vacancy calendar and to book a rental.


Any cancellations shall be in writing or emailed on the following terms:


Cancellations more than 30 days prior to arrival date:

Cancellations LESS than 30 days prior to arrival date:

The cottage and property may not be sublet.  No tents, campers, motor homes or other auxiliary accommodations shall be allowed.  No social gatherings of any kind.

The property owner shall be allowed access to the premises at any reasonable time.

The property owner is not responsible for any damage or stolen items of said renter on the property for duration of rental.

This is a family cottage, so please treat it with respect and leave it as clean as what you found it.  Since we use the cottage ourselves, we also ask that you replace any food supplies and staples that you use during your stay.